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The 80% of Photography We Love to Hate !

  • The Killer B’s  - Basics. Business and the Bottom Line !

  • The Dirty “M” Word  – Marketing 

Digital Image Work Flow & File Management !

Portraiture – Through the Eyes of a Child !   ( Psychology & All)

Copyright Control and the Portrait Studio !

Elegant Bridal Formals on Location – Created with Ease !

Computerizing Your Studio with Canned Software !

How to Successfully Transition from Part-Time to Full-Time Pro !

We love sharing our knowledge & experiences with you !

We feel very fortunate to have made a living at such a wonderful profession. It is great when one can work at something they love so much and earn a good living at the same time. Our experiences while operating a store front studio along with all of the business and management skills acquired while working in private industry before we opened our studio, are information that we hope to share with you, along with our photographic skills and techniques.
Program & Seminar Descriptions !

The 80% of Photography We Love To Hate!

The program deals with areas, concepts and perspectives of business and marketing seldom addressed in a photography related program.

The business segment shows what a business plan is and how to implement it, how to control time management and effectively set goals.  The program addresses how to develop systems and procedures to execute daily tasks in order to present a professional appearance to your clients. This includes policies and printed material that can create a Studio Handbook.  It also explains the difference between a Studio Handbook and an Employee Handbook.  It also addresses customer service as a focal point of your business and how to keep your customers coming back again and again.  Integrated custom studio software is reviewed, comparing packages designed specifically for the photography studio to the normal "off the shelf" software many of us already have. Also addressed is the impact of digital imaging on the professional photographer and how it changes the everyday lives of our shooting, production, workflow and time management.

The marketing segment of the program explains how to identify your "Target Market Segment". A segment will deal with the type and style of photography you do that will play an important part of placing you within specific levels of clientele.  We also address levels of professionalism, studio image projection, advertising, promotions, direct mail, sales and numerous other marketing ideas that cost virtually nothing to implement.  Also covered is how to make community involvement work for you and become a benefit to your business.  Also how to work with the community volunteers to support their fundraisers without hurting your studio.  

Time Required: (4 - 6 hours)

The Killer B's - Basics, Business & the Bottom Line !

 (The Business Half of The 80% of Photography We Love To Hate)

This is the business segment of the above program.

Time Required: (2 - 3 Hours)  

That Dirty "M" Word - "Marketing"

(The Marketing Half of The 80% of Photography We Love To Hate)

This is the marketing segment of the above program.

Time Required: (2 - 3 Hours)

Digital Image Workflow & File Management

  This program addresses the challenges, problems and pitfalls photographers will encounter while trying to adopt digital photography into their studio. Mike will provide proven methods on how to painlessly transition from shooting exclusively film to a fully digital studio. He will also provide options on how to select a point anywhere in between in order to gradually make the digital transformation. Also addressed are the pros and cons between capturing in the “RAW” mode vs. capturing images as a high resolution JPEG.

Another big challenge is knowing where to direct your money, what kind of computers are best suited for your needs, software applications and the big question, “What level of a digital lab do I want in my studio?”  Management, maintenance and control of your digital images is just as critical as managing and filing those old-fashioned negatives. Mike will share many tips and techniques that will make your digital files management as free from corruption as humanly possible.

Time Required:  (1 - 3 hours)

Portraiture - Through the Eye’s of a Child (Children's Photography, Psychology and All)

 We address the many wonderful joys along with the frightening nightmares of photographing children. Learn how to embrace those fun times and successful sessions while developing an ability to avoid letting problem children and parents ruin your day.

 We will address the concept of using psychology with the child and parents in order to capture the images you want.   How to effectively apply the various methods of psychology that will enable you to work with children in order to stretch or break that invisible umbilical cord between the child and it's mother.

 Understand the guidelines and rules needed when working with children in the different phases of their life; infants, toddlers, pre-schoolers, school age, puberty and teenagers. How to deal with problem or disruptive parents during a session in a manner that does not downplay the parents position while often putting them to constructive use.

Live models may be used to show methods of psychology applied during a random session in order to achieve positive results.  Various tricks of the trade are shown including trinkets, toys, tools and attention getters used during the session.  Also covered are lighting techniques for high key, medium key and low-key set-up are discussed.  

We address more than one method of how to establish an effective children's club program while putting marketing ideas into place that will allow you to tap into this wonderful and profitable market.

Time Required:  (2 - 6 hours)

Copyright Control and The Portrait Studio

 This program is intended to shock us into the reality of where copyright control is really headed and how we can be pro-active in protecting our interests as a portrait studio. Our intention is to help photographers to pull their heads out of the sand and to aggressively address the problem from a realist’s point of view. Issues will be addressed, that in many cases, we as photographers have not even considered as far as personal abilities of control with the potential problems and backlash.

It will address effective methods of protecting our images from illegal reproduction and will help you establish when and where to draw the line on releasing reproduction control.  It is important to understand when to pick your battles on control and when to simply ride the “roller coaster” for your own long-term benefit.   

We will provide ideas on how to “cash in” on methods of personal control of your images and how to release various limited use applications. This program is best scheduled to allow time for a question and answer period following the presentation.

Time Required:  (1 - 3 hours)

Location Portraiture – Created with Ease

This program addresses the psychological and technical requirements needed to create fantastic portraits on location without taking your entire studio of equipment with you. We address how to properly incorporate the ambiance of an environmental setting as an integral part of the portrait.

 The program will address methods that will enhance your style of portrait composition and sales in such a manner that you will almost always sell a wall portrait. We will also offer several alternative marketing ideas to increase your add-on sales. 

Actual posing with models may be included in order to display the tips, tricks and techniques that make the difference between an average picture and a dynamic portrait that exceeds the customer’s expectations.

Time Required:  (1 – 3 hours)

 Computerizing Your Studio With Canned Software !

This program deals with the basic needs to set up and maintain a pre-manufactured studio software program.  We will also address what features are available in canned software packages and how it can streamline your operations. 

This program is not intended to address the extensive potential options and general software packages available for your computer. It will also not address digital imaging systems, computer retouching and image manipulation, but will concentrate only on computer support of effective and simple business management applications and needs.

Specific areas covered are:

  • Identifying your current hardware and software uses and how to look for advantages, benefits and problems between DOS, Windows and Mac.
  • Initial hardware needs are addressed and what to consider for future expansion.  (Single user vs. networking) 
  • Compatibility of different software types and the best ways to change from one to another.
  • Effective methods to help you select which manufacturer of software is the best for your studio and how to implement it.
  • How to effectively approach the biggest challenge of putting studio management software into operation, the initial set-up and configuration.
  • How to "see past the forest in order to enjoy the trees" of computer usage, especially for those individuals who consider themselves totally computer illiterate. 

Time Required:  (1 - 3 Hours)

How to Successfully Transition from a Part-Time Photographer to a Full-Time Professional.

 (Basic to Intermediate Level School Class)

If you have a list of questions longer than Santa’s, about how to take the next step into the business of professional photography, then this is the class for you. Whether you are just starting out or have been photographing for a couple of years, Mike will provide direction that will assist you in making the countless decisions you need to make.  He will address facts to consider when buying equipment such as digital and film cameras, portable and studio lighting systems, computers, software, props and equipment gadgets that will make your photographic life easier. He will also address the selection of business services such as labs and printers.

Mike will assist you in taking whatever equipment you already have and how to make it work for you to build your business. This class will provide you with the necessary information to establish a professional studio ranging from a small in home operation to a large multi-employee storefront business. Observe and participate in outdoor and studio portrait sessions with models and each other.  He will also cover the basic and technical aspects and limitations of cameras, light meters and related equipment. Adopting digital imaging will be addressed, along with the advantages and disadvantages, pros and cons, pitfalls and work flow modifications required. The following is an abbreviated list of additional areas covered:  

  • Posing and lighting sessions with families, children, seniors, couples, individuals and brides.
  • Sales and marketing techniques for all of the above plus weddings and functions.
  • Business management, policies and procedures and organizational skills.
  • Ideas for special promotions with how and when to run them.
  • The S & M of Wedding Photography (Systems & Marketing) plus all the fun!
  • How to price everything you do and establish a professional rapport with the clients.

 If you are looking to grow in the photography industry, this is the class for fun and learning. Mike will entertain you while overwhelming you with an unbelievable amount of practical real life information you can use.

Time Required:  (3 - 5 days)