Training & Consulting
 Database Management !
Specializing in :
  • Business Management Consultation

  • Policy & Procedure Creation

  • Develop & design new pricing strategies

  • Develop a business plan

  • Analysis and direction of a studio’s target marketing

  • Inventory management and control  

  • Design work flow forms and systems

  • Studio Software Management & Operations Training

  • Software installation and setup

  • Create and setup standards for database operation

We specialize working with photography studios to help them develop effective policies and procedure, price lists, operational brochures, workflow forms, employee handbooks, database management and training, spread sheets, business plan development and any other area that needs organizing and streamlining to become more effective at time management and documentation.

Consulting & Training Fees


Interview & Review                            Free

Consulting – (minimum two)                $    75. an hour

Computer work – (minimum two)        $    75. an hour

Half Day (4 hours)                               $  275.

Full Day (up to 8 hours)                       $  500.

Coach airfare reimbursed or 60˘ a mile round trip travel

             Daily per diem when required               $  125.
                  (to cover room & food)